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Replacement Raytools Cutting Head BM06K Model

Replacement Raytools Cutting Head BM06K Model

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Replacement Raytools Cutting Head BM06K Model

BM06K Auto Focus Laser Cutting Head Power rating 6KW; Standard auto focus laser cutting.


This cooling system is designed for both the collimation and focus modules, as well as the nozzle, which significantly enhances protection for the nozzle and ceramic parts, thereby extending their lifespan.

The unit includes four cover glasses that substantially reduce contamination risks during the replacement of the fibre and cover glass, prolonging the life of both the collimation and focus lenses.

It features an auto-focus mechanism that adjusts the collimation lens, enabling faster operation and a wider auto-focus range.

The temperature of the lower cover glass can be monitored in real-time via desktop computer, with an alarm feature for overheating to safeguard the optical path system effectively.

The integrated design ensures airtight sealing. The improved fibre interfaces (QBH, QD, G5) enhance compatibility with various lasers and prevent issues related to leaks and rust.


Fibre Interface  QBH, QD, G5
NA 0.13
Auto Focus: Yes

-35 ~ +25


≤ 10 m/s2


≤ 200 m/min


≤ 10um

Protective Lens Dims
Collimation (Top) dia 24.9*1.5mm
Focusing (Middle/Bottom dia 37*7mm
Collimation Length 100mm
Focus Length 150mm, 200mm
Nozzle Style Single, Double, Boost
Diameter of Nozzle Tip
Single 1.2-5mm
Double 1.0-1.8mm
Boost 1.6-7mm
Assist Gas Pressure ≤ 30 bar

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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