RECI Laser Tube W8 150W - 1850mm Length

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Genuine RECI Laser Glass DC tube.  Target power of 150W.

Tube Length: 1850mm

Tube Diameter: 90mm

3rd generation laser tube technology - removes the adjusting screws from both ends, metal parts are precision CNC machined and joined by means of a new welding technique offering even greater stability over previous generations. RECI is one of the most recognised CO2 laser tube manufacturers in the world.

Mantech is the only officially recognised UK dealer that has direct access to factory stock at RECI, giving you a reliable source of substantial stock for genuine RECI products.

Laser tube characteristics:

  1. High-quality beam output for superior cutting and engraving
  2. Glass to metal head - increased stability and reduced gas leakage
  3. Optical resonator for enhanced power
  4. Advanced coating
  5. Metal glass sintering for longevity 


Specifications W1 W2  W4 W6 W8
Rated output (W) 75 90 100 130 150
Max output power (W) 90 100 130 160 180
Length (mm) 1100 1250 1400 1650 1850
Outer Diameter (mm) 80 80 80 80 90




CO2 LASER TUBES ARE CURRENTLY COLLECTION ONLY.  Due to the fragile nature of transporting large glass tubes through a courier service, we will temporarily only accept collection on these products. 

However, we have an additional option for you to opt for one of our experienced engineers to install your new tube - if this is the case our engineer will visit you and bring the tube with him, negating the requirement for collection only.