S&A CW3000 Chiller System (Genuine Part)

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S&A CW3000 laser chiller system replacement unit. This is a genuine replacement chiller system and not a replica unit.

The CW3000 is a compact and portable air-cooled chiller, offering stable cooling performance and ease of use. Ideally suited to normal operating temperatures as the water temperature is relative to the ambient temperature and can't be manually adjusted.  The unit is equipped with high speed fans to remove the heat through water recirculation.

CW3000 Water Chiller Features:

1. Radiating capacity: 50W / °C;

2. Small thermolysis water chiller, energy saving, long working life, and simple operation;

3. With completed water flow and over high-temperature alarm functions;

4. Multiple power specifications; CE, RoHS and REACH approval.