S&A CW5000 Series Chiller System For Co2 Laser Cutters (Genuine Product)

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S&A CW5000TG CO2 Laser Tube Chiller Unit. Perfect for Laser Cutter Machines. Cheapest in the UK!

The CW5000 series Chiller is ideal for keeping CO2 Laser cutter tubes cool via the integrated refrigeration unit.  Please note these are genuine S&A Chillers.

We hold large stocks and are ready to ship next day delivery to the UK mainland. You can even collect same day if you are local to the Halesowen area.

1.Compatible in both 220V 50Hz and 220V 60Hz;

2. 0.86-1.02KW cooling capacity; use environmental refrigerant;

2. Compact size, long working life, and simple operation;

3. ±0.3°C precisely temperature control;
4. The intelligent temperature controller has 2 control modes, applicable to different applied occasions;  with various setting and display functions;
5. Multiple alarm functions: compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm, and over high / low temperature alarm;
6. CE, RoHS and REACH approval;